USAA Credit Monitoring

The good thing about USAA credit monitoring is that they have two levels of services for their members to choose from. The first level, CreditCheck Montior, is a more robust credit monitoring service that gives you daily access to your credit reports, credit score tracking and security fraud alerts.

The next option, just adds on the other 2 credit bureau’s reports into the program. So you get all three credit reports and scores every month.

If you want to take your monitoring to the next level, they offer enhanced identity theft protection service that focuses more on securing your identity and less on your credit score. Combined with either level of their monitoring programs and you have 99% security of your credit history at all times

The Best Aspects Of USAA Credit Monitor Service
usaa credit monitoring

1) Credit Monitoring Alerts – Get real-time alerts when there is any change to your credit file.
2) Daily Tri-merge Credit Reports – Pull your 3-in-1 credit report to every day. Make sure all personal information, such as names, accounts, and addresses, is correct with no unauthorized changes.
3) Budget Alerts – Create custom alerts to track your finances. You can set up budget thresholds, payment deadlines, savings goals, etc…
4) Monthly Financial Charts – Easy to read and understand charts and graphs. Get a quick top level view of your credit file and and dispute anything that looks suspicious.

CreditCheck Monitoring

USAA teamed up with Experian to offer a special rate for enrollment in their CreditCheck Montioring Service. The rate for USAA members is now $5.95. No more guessing with FAKO credit scores, because you will now get monthly Experian credit score updates. This plan is ideal for people who want to build their credit and closely monitor their scores.

• Get monthly access to your Experian credit score and personal credit report online.
• Receive e-mail alerts of critical changes to your Experian credit file.
• Be able to detect potential credit report errors, as well as unauthorized activity that could be a sign of fraud.

CreditCheck Monitoring Premier

The Premier credit monitor program offers all the benefits of the $5.95 per month plan but has the added bonus of giving you direct access to all three credit bureau reports and scores. This includes Experian, TransUnion and Equafax. You will get your updated credit score and report every month.

Credit Score Estimator

Both levels of monitoring offer you allow you access to their credit score estimator tool. This gives you a preview of what major financial decisions could affect your current credit scores. This is very helpful if you have a large purchase around the corner, such as a mortgage or a new car.

If you time your application at a time you know your scores are at their highest, you should theoretically get a better rate on your next loan.

Overall, you cannot do much better than their $5.95 per month credit check monitor service.

For those that qualify for the discounted USAA rate, it is a no brainer. For someone that does not qualify yet, you may be better off with a different service that still allows daily credit pulls like PrivacyAssist. Unfortunately, USAA removed the daily credit report feature in early 2013.

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