Three Credit Bureau Contact Information

From time to time when monitoring your credit scores, the need will arise to contact one of the three major credit bureaus directly.

In order to keep track of your credit score and profile, it is important to be aware of the credit bureau phone numbers of your respective credit card provider. This minor information is definitely critical in terms of ensuring that you are on the same page as your credit lender.

The importance of having an utmost understanding and knowledge of your current credit standing should never be undermined since negligence toward this is normally the cause of people’s credit-related concerns. Knowing full well the specific factors that contribute to your overall credit profile is every credit card holder’s responsibility because it is your best ally against an unfavorable credit background. Here are some credit score and profile factors or determinants which you should be aware about.

Credit Bureau Phone Numbers for Easy Credit Status Follow Up

3 credit bureau phone numbers

When it comes to credit profile awareness and adjustment, knowing credit bureau phone numbers is the first reliable step to make since this would allow you with fast access to your credit card provider’s customer service hotline. Through this service hotline, you will then be able to get a hold of necessary information such as the following:

Payment History– This accounts for at least 35% of your overall credit score hence it is only fitting that you consistently keep track of this information. Being in the know in terms of your payment history is a reliable means in coming up with an efficient credit score adjustment plan.

Amount Owned– Especially for those with multiple credit cards, this is a rather crucial determinant of credit score and profile. Some people would transfer debt from one card to another so as to arrive at a favorable credit score alteration, but these individuals sometimes fail to see that such move is actually risky for it could worsen their current credit status. The best and most reliable way to deal with debt is to pay the said amount.

Multiple Accounts – The basic premise in order for a credit card holder not to ruin his or her credit standing through multiple accounts is to ensure proper account subscription scheduling. This means that there should be a well thought interval between credit card account subscriptions. Better yet, do not apply for more accounts than you actually need since this could adversely affect your credit score.

The aforementioned factors are just some of the most important considerations which directly affect your credit profile. Other determinants you should know about include the duration of new account activity as well as your mix of credit.

Credit Bureau Phone Numbers from the Three Biggest Consumer Report Agencies

Here is an overview of the three most established customer reporting agencies in the country and how you could reach their service hotline. Especially if you have a goal to make the necessary alteration to your credit standing, this information is quite beneficial for you.

Equifax. The oldest agency that provide customer reports, Equifax currently services more than 400 million credit card holders from all over the globe. The agency was founded in 1899 and since then grew into one of the most esteemed and successful customer reporting agencies in the world. The company has offices in 14 countries with a pool of employees that amounts to at least 7,000 competent individuals. Equifax’s main office is located in Atlanta Georgia and customers could reach them through these numbers:

• 1-866-493-9788 – Credit Reports, Scores and Identity Theft Monitoring
• 1-888-766-0008 – Place Fraud Alert on Your Credit Report
• 1-800-685-1111 – Credit Report Inquiries
• 1-888-202-4025 – Business Solutions

TransUnion. Established in 1968, TransUnion is presently considered as one of the biggest stakeholders in the customer report services industry. They provide various services such as Credit Monitoring Service Inquires (1-800-493-2392), Purchase a Credit Report or Get Free Annual Report (1-800-888-4213), Dispute Items on Credit Report and Status Checks (1-800-916-8800), Fraud Alerts and Identity Theft Information (1-800-680-7289), and Business Services Assistance (1-866-922-2100). These credit bureau phone numbers are open 24 hours and welcome worldwide callers.

Experian. With the company’s goal of providing financial health to its worldwide customers, they have been deemed as one of the most reliable and trusted customer report providers. Their credit bureau phone numbers are the following:

• 1-877-284-7942 – Triple Advantage Credit Monitoring Membership
• 1-888-397-3742 – Credit Report / Dispute Information/Fraud & Identity Theft
• 1-888-243-6951 – Business Credit Services

The aforementioned credit bureau phone numbers are quite handy for individuals who recognize the importance of credit profile improvement and wish to have total control of their credit score.