TrustedID has been offering excellent identity theft protection to Americans for over four years now, with a wealth of experience and knowledge concerning all types of identity theft. With over forty million American credit and debit cards stolen each year, isn’t it about time you had the protection you need?

Trusted ID Features

  • Three-bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Three-bureau Credit Score
  • Three-bureau Credit Report
  • Family/Child Identity Protection
  • 24 / 7 Black Market Scanning

One of the best features TrustedID uses to keep its customers safe is the IDFreeze feature. IDFreeze can stop identity theft before it occurs, which means you’ll always know when any fraudulent activity has been discovered on your account. You’ll be notified immediately and your account will be frozen to prevent the activity from being charged. This feature, combined with their premier CreditLock feature, prevents your credit information from getting into the hands of a third party without your consent. Aside from these great features, TrustedID also offers free annual credit reports and superb spyware protection for your PC.

Their credit watch service uses something called an “Identity Threat Score”, which goes in deep with specific insights to help protect consumers sensitive financial information. Their Identity Threat Score monitors a every available record and credit database to help customers gauge their individual risk levels.

Even with the best identity theft protection, stolen identities can occur. Having TrustedID on your side in this situation is more important than ever. It you ever become a victim of identity theft while you are under the protection of TrustedID, you’ll be provided with a $1 million assistance which can help cover any fees associated with the cost of reclaiming your identity.

Customer Support
TrustedID understands that great protection is nothing without great support, which is why there are On-Call Specialist available around the clock to assist you with any questions which may come up, either via phone support, or email support.

TrustedID has been the leading solution for identity theft for over four years, and has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau, making it one of the best companies across the nation to serve you and your identity theft protection needs.

Discounts and Pricing
For all new customers interested in giving TrustedID a trial, there is a risk free 14 days trial. By signing up with the link on this website, which makes your TrustedID service start individual plan is $10.42 and the family plan is $20 / month.