CSC Credit Services

CSC Credit services is the largest independent consumer reporting agency in the United States. They are affiliated with Equifax and offer a broad range of financial services and consumer credit information to nearly every industry.

CSC offers consumers assistance from trained personnel and other services to help consumers get a copy of their credit report, file a dispute under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and get answers to credit related questions. CSC also offers identity and fraud alert as an added security measure to detect fraud before the thief has a chance to ruin your credit. Consumers can also a add a security freeze to your account. A security freeze prohibits a consumer reporting agency from releasing your file relating to the extension of credit without express authorization from the consumer.

CSC offers numerous credit services to businesses:

Collection insights debt recovery solution- helps prioritize collections on only active and dormant accounts. CSC provides a viable alternative to selling debt portfolios

Collections products and services- various useful tools that can help prioritize collections, get updated address and phone number information

ComplyID- automatically detects more than 200 credit report red flags

Credit reporting products and services- provides credit reports and related products, employment reports, fraud prevention products, predictive modeling and search and verification products

Customer solutions- CSC can customize all reports in formats compatible with your existing system

EPort- an online delivery portal. Using only an internet connection, you have access to a comprehensive suite of credit information, risk management and decision making tools

Financial services- CSC has a comprehensive portfolio of application software and an extensive network of industry and technology partners.

FirstSearch debt recovery solution- a powerful tool that helps find debtors by checking with other sources that are among the first to know of a change of address or phone number

Healthcare products and services- helps determine a patient’s ability to pay and make timely decisions about collection activity
Portfolio review products and services- CSC provides prescreening and risk assessment using scoring models to target individuals that are likely to need and buy you products and services

Portfolio services score validation- a great tool that helps identify the risk score that is most effective in predicting future delinquencies and losses

Portfolio services score validation- utilities and telecommunications- helps you define and adjust credit score based lending strategies. It helps to identify the risk score that is most effective in predicting future delinquencies
Real estate/mortgage products and services- offers a variety of quality mortgage lending product and services. CSC can get merged credit reports through secondary marketing agencies and their underwriting systems
Solutions to meet the FFIEC guidance- offers solutions that provide extensive authentication and verification coverage for online transactions

Tax return verification- provide a total income verification source as well as positive id from the social security administration. Tax return verification provides a faster response time as opposed to ordering it directly from the IRS
Undisclosed liabilities report service- uses an automated workflow solution that offloads the extensive and time-consuming manual review process.

Being able to stay on top of everything in your credit report is vitally important. You do not have to do this manually anymore, let CSC Credit automatically monitor your credit score for you. They are the largest independent consumer reporting agency in the United States. They are able to offer the most innovative services due to their advanced knowledge and understanding of technology. Being affiliated with Equifax should only add to your trust and confidence in their products and services.