Rocket Credit Scores

Rocket Credit Scores

An estimated 42 million Americans were victims of identity fraud in 2021, costing them billions of dollars in losses. As technology advances and thieves use more sophisticated tactics to steal identities, it becomes increasingly important to monitor your credit and identity. That’s where Rocket Credit Scores comes in.

Rocket Credit Scores is an ID and credit monitoring service that aims to give consumers peace of mind their identities are being protected.

Are Rocket Credit Scores Legit?

are rocket credit scores legit?

Yes, Rocket Credit Scores is a legitimate service. It’s powered by My Score IQ, which offers credit monitoring and identity theft protection services. The company was named one of Enterprise’s Top 10 Fraud and Breach Protection Service Providers in 2019.

How Does Rocket Credit Scores Work?

Rocket Credit Scores offers a suite of tools to help you protect your identity and take control of your credit. Their service includes:

3 Bureau Credit Monitoring and Reports

Rocket Credit Score provides comprehensive credit monitoring and access to reports from the three major credit bureaus. Here’s what they offer:

  • Daily monitoring of your credit and alerts for suspicious activity
  • A complete credit outlook from the three major bureaus
  • Alerts if new accounts are opened or your report changes
  • Expert customer service and support

Monitoring your credit is an important step in protecting your identity.

Identity Theft Monitoring

Along with keeping a watchful eye on your credit, Rocket Credit Scores will also monitor your identity. Here’s what that includes:

  • Alerts if your Social Security number is used
  • Monitoring of national and international criminal records
  • Notifications for changes of address
  • Dark web monitoring

Being alerted to these crucial changes allows you to act quickly and take back control of your identity.

FICO Score Simulator

If you’re working on building and improving your credit, Rocket Credit Scores provides a FICO Score simulator.

The FICO Score simulator:

  • Shows you your current score and how it may change based on payments or other actions.
  • Makes recommendations based on your current credit report.
  • Provides a customized analysis to determine which accounts are impacting your credit score and which elements you should review for accuracy.
  • Helps you plan your financial future.

Best of all, this simulator is available online for use anytime you need it.

ID Theft Insurance and Fraud Restoration

If the worst happens and your identity is stolen, Rocket Credit Scores offers services to help you get back on the right track.

Your subscription includes:

  • Up to $1 million in reimbursements for stolen funds
  • Personal expense compensation coverage
  • Coverage for legal expert fees
  • Identity restoration services (U.S. based)
  • Dedicated case manager

Why Should You Monitor Your Credit Report?

Monitoring your credit report is an important step in protecting your identity and in improving your credit score.

Here’s why it’s so important to keep a watchful eye over your credit:

Identify Errors and Inaccuracies

It’s crucial to ensure that your credit report contains accurate and complete information. Errors and inaccuracies can have a negative impact on your credit score. Monitoring your credit report is the only way to identify errors and report them.

If you find errors, you can report them to the major credit bureaus to have them corrected or removed.

Identify Suspicious Activity

If someone is using or attempting to use your information to open accounts, it will likely show up on your credit report. Your report may also show other suspicious activity that you can follow up on to protect or restore your identity.

If you find information on your report that you believe is the result of fraud, it’s important to contact the company reporting the activity to let them know the activity is fraudulent.

Prepare for Credit Applications

Viewing your credit report allows you to see what lenders see. If you’re planning on making a large purchase, such as a home or vehicle, monitoring your credit report will help you see your current financial situation so that you can take action to make improvements. This may include:

  • Reporting and correcting errors
  • Taking steps to improve your credit score

When you know what creditors will see on your report, you’ll be better prepared to take steps to improve your report and increase your chances of success.

Get Peace of Mind

When you monitor your credit, you get peace of mind that you’re taking a proactive approach to protecting your credit and identity. If you’re checking your credit report regularly, you can identify suspicious activity early on before severe damage can be done to your credit.

How to Get Started with Rocket Credit Scores

If you’re ready to start monitoring your credit score, it’s easy to get started with Rocket Credit Scores. You can create an account in a few simple steps. Plus, you get 7-day access for just $1 to see whether it’s the right service for your credit monitoring needs.